Personal Hygiene

Hygiene is very important to me and directly impacts the quality of our time together. I will always be freshly showered, smelling sweet and fresh breath; I expect no less in return. I require you to shower once I arrive; please note that your time will not start until you finish showering and you will not need to present your donation until you are done.

I always have mouthwash and breath mints available, so feel free to ask for them if necessary. Similarly, if anything of my person isn’t up to par please feel free to let me know in a kind manner and I will instantly attend to it. Like in all things, communication is essential us both to have the best experience.


Please have your donation ready to be presented discreetly once you are done showering. I prefer that it be placed in an unsealed envelope and left it the bathroom, where I will freshen up after you finish your shower. Refrain from talking about the payment if not required. Talking about the payment, when not necessary, at anytime during our time together can result in the immediate end of your visit. The only time we should even discuss the donation is if you would like to extend our time together.

Screening and Verification

In order to see me everyone must be screened and verified. This is to be expected when trying to see any high class provider, so if you are new to this, then please understand that this is the status quo. Be prepared to show me your ID if I request it. If you are not comfortable with showing me your ID then I am not the girl for you. You can find further general information regarding escorts as follows (not all of which applied directly to me):


For longer engagements I may ask for a 20% deposit.


For your convenience, I will confirm our time together before we meet.


Personal privacy is very important to me, and that same importance is translated to you. I assure a high level of discretion. I will never share your private information with other people. For your discretion I will never call you without prior arrangements, nor will I be loud at your outcall location. I will never arrive wearing risque attire (any outfits will be brought and changed into in private). If I should ever see you in public after we meet I will not acknowledge you nor approach you in any manner, and I expect the same courtesy from you.


I strive my utmost to be on time for all my sessions. If at any time I am having any delays for any reason (e.g. traffic, car trouble, etc.) I will notify you instantly. Rest assured that you will have your full time, and if I am delayed beyond the reasonable, I will be sure to not only give you your full time, but stay an extended time as I choose to offer my apologies. Similarly, I ask that you afford me the same courtesy. I have no problem if, due to circumstance, you are 10 – 15 minutes late due to the numerous reasons that delay us each day. This is just part of life and I will not hold this against you. Anything over this time, however, will either be discounted from your scheduled visit or will be prorated at my full hourly rate. Your choice.


If you would like a reference I would be happy to give it to you.

Language and Respect

Please be a gentleman and afford me the same respect I do to you; do not use explicit language when we are together. Do not talk about sex or any illicit or illegal activities. Doing so will instantly cause our time together to come to an end with no refund.

I reserve the right to cancel any appointments or appointment requests for any personal reason. I always have the right to end or cancel a session. I always have the right to decline a session request. I never expect a donation in situations where I must cancel a date. I issue partial refunds when I deem it appropriate.